Saturday, October 25, 2008

our time is short, this is our fate

sarah's jam of the week

I absolutely adore this song. everything about it is sweet, gentle, and full of love. jason mraz is quite possibly the most underrated male singer out there. if the world was fair he'd be more popular than that dancing fool timberlake. yea I said it!

this video was produced by a company for their friends' wedding. it goes along with the song perfectly and it kinda makes me want to cry. and steal the idea for my own future wedding... and track down mraz and attack him for being so romantic... 'scuse me, I need a tissue...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Everything Used To Be So Simple

Sumo's jam(s) of the day, week, year, lifetime

The original video is awesomer

I'm a big fan of simplicity. Music now is excessive in all aspects. You don't have talent, you have momentary mass market fads. People with talent are not utilizing it the right way. It's all about that quick dollar, that 15 minutes, and giving the masses a temporary high. Songs used to have meanings, they used to reach people, they used to influence people, and regardless of how fucked up everyone's contract and earnings were, they still managed to put out damn good material. Women didn't have to sell their bodies to sell their music to you. You got to hear their voices. You appreciated and respected what they brought to the table as artists and they didn't have to take off their clothes or prance around to get your attention. What the hell happened?

Xscape was an R&B group in the 90s that consisted of 4 very talented women. You had the Scott sisters, Latocha and Tamika, Kandi Burruss, and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle. They hailed from Atlanta, Georgia a location now associated with sounds of the "souf" and lyrics that you can't repeat because even if you did read them you still wouldn't know what the hell you or they were saying. Anyway, these ladies had something serious going. At the time, there was an amalgam of Female R&B groups that you could choose from. It was a competitive market because each group had something you could relate to or something that you just connected with from the get go. SWV lived up to their name as "Sisters With Voices," TLC was really Crazy, Sexy, and Cool, and En Vogue were really Funky in your face Divas, and Xscape...their vocals brought on a spiritual ascension through great songwriting and raw talent that made you just go "damn."

Despite the 90s look of baggy clothes, sneakers, and sunglasses you were able to see that these voices belonged to ladies so connected to their vocal ability and rhythm that it didn't matter what they were. Yes, their looks did evolve over time but their talent remained consistent. Though the group did split like most groups tend to do, they were still able to make ripples in the vast ocean that is the music industry. Ever heard "No Scrubs?" That's Kandi and Tiny handiwork. Tiny is currently T.I.'s baby mama. Remember Little Bow Wow's song "Bounce With Me"? Xscape was doing background vocals and that song was part of the "Big Momma's House" soundtrack where LaTocha Scott duets with Chante Moore on a great track callled "Treated Like Her." Tamika Scott has been featured on the soundtrack of two Tyler Perry films that I know of. Kandi Burruss went on to write songs such as "4,5,6" for Sole, one of my favorite female rappers of all time, tracks for NSYNC, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston, and Boyz II Men. Artists used to sell records and go PLATINUM and that used to mean something.

Why aren't we allowed to have good music and great artists like that anymore? What happened to being talented and working hard and dreaming and being discovered. Exposure is easy to obtain but respect and longevity are a whole other ball game people. These artists have left a legacy and an impact regardless of how underrated or underpromoted they were. Where has the significance and purpose all gone?

Friday, September 19, 2008

can't hold us down

sarah's jam of the week

hurricane ike, you can blow through houston and the gulf all you want. you can leave us without electricity and short on gas and spew debris everywhere. but we'll come back, we'll rise together and clear our streets, restore our power and get our city moving again.

and I post this video for pure loller value. yes, I just used the word loller.

and because it is pure gold in the dance moves department. pure gold.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

what they don't know, they can't even imagine

sarah's jam of the week

I cannot for the life of me understand why this song is not all over radio. big enough deal that it is the follow up to "Damaged", which itself should've been this year's "Umbrella" (heard on every station, seen on every tv, sung on every freakin street corner) but again, was not. "Bad Girl" by Danity Kane has all the makings of a hit song. hot collaboration, crazy hook, sexual innuendo out the wazoo. this shit is bangin! and nobody's heard it! why? because Bad Boy doesn't know how to promote its artists after their first 6 months of existence.

shame on you Diddy. these girls should be more than reality TV stars.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tickle Me Elmo Lookin Boy

sarah's jam of the week

for tony